Hi. I'm a student web developer who's still working on their portfolio.

Server-side scripting in PHP is my primary strength, but I also can use javascript effectively, as well as know my way around css enough to make something nice looking. Look at my Agora and Leopard Hosting projects below for some examples of web systems I've developed myself.

In the past I've also done some work in C++, Java, and Lua; but I don't do much involving them anymore. The last project I used C++ for was BlockNet hosting. For that project I wrote my own custom shell for my clients to use so they could manage their game servers.


This list is roughly ordered with newest things first.

Agora (forum system)
My open source take on a lightweight forum system. Originally based on the Boss Battles forum mentioned below.

A free file hosting website I run.

A polling system that utilizes Blockland authentication to thwart cheaters, made using PHP and MySQL.

BlockNet, dedicated hosting for Blockland.

The predecesor to Agora, I built this forum for a game community I run so that it has the unique ability to show their in-game stats on their forum profiles. I have not updated it since I started work on Agora, so it's a more dated work of mine.

A simple PHP script that converts text and webpages into gibberish. Done as a silly project when I had a day or two of free time.

Create download counters. Originally intended for add-ons, but you can use them for pretty much anything. This is a fairly old project.

Blockland Add-On Forums
Pecon7's Add-on archive, a list of all my major released Blockland add-ons.

Official website for the Boss Battles, a Blockland game server I run.

A server status script for Blockland servers that was not made by me, though I may have done some edits over time.


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