Hi. I'm a programmer. I make computers do things.

If you have decent computer knowledge you may be able to understand everything in the next sentence.
I do my web development pretty much exclusively in PHP, using MySQL for databasing. Other than web, I also know C++ and Java, as well as an abomination known as TorqueScript.

I don't really have any released examples of my C++ or Java programming, since most of what I've done with them was for personal utilities or I can't release for security reasons. I do, however, run a whole bunch of websites (and do some modding in torquescript), the largest examples of which I have linked below.

http://goob.block.land/ - A simple PHP script that converts text and webpages into gibberish.
http://vote.block.land/ - A polling system that utilizes Blockland authentication to thwart cheaters, made using PHP and MySQL.
http://bossbattles.pecon.us/forum/ - A forum system of my design that uses PHP and MySQL.
http://www.leopard.hosting/ - A free file hosting website I run.
http://www.blocknet.us/ - BlockNet, dedicated hosting for Blockland.
http://www.pecon.us/downloadCounter/ - Create download counters. Originally intended for add-ons, but you can use them for pretty much anything.
Blockland Add-On Forums - Pecon7's Add-on archive, a list of all my released Blockland add-ons (That I haven't disowned).
http://bossbattles.pecon.us/ - Official website for the Boss Battles server.
http://serverstatus.block.land/ - A server status script for Blockland servers that was not made by me, though I may have done some edits over time.
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