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Service Closed
Effective October 25th 2016, BlockNet has permanently shut down. No further orders can be made.
System Security
BlockNet hosting utilizes time-tested open-source software to ensure maximum security for its clients. Debian is well known for it's security measures and is among the most reasonably secure operating systems available. Copious amounts of time have been spent utilizing the powerful permission system Debian offers to ensure that client files are secure from unauthorized access and modification.

Service-Owned keys
One unique service we are offering at BlockNet is the ability to have your server provisioned with a key that is not your own. This completely removes the possibility of having your key compromised, and is provisioned at a very reasonable price.

Custom security solutions
One reoccuring problem in the Blockland community is the constant discovery of new exploits to crash or lag out servers. We strive to stay on the cutting edge of solutions to prevent these issues. One current example is our system that automatically detects and blocks people sending bogus client join requests, which is able to overwhelm servers without even requiring much bandwidth.
Performance choices
BlockNet offers you multiple levels of hosting, so you can only pay for exactly what you need from hosting! Packages range from budget servers on shared hosting nodes all the way to having a dedicated high-performance node just for your server.

Location choices
BlockNet servers are deployed in a distributed manner, with different nodes in many different locations. If you need hosting that caters to your region better, we have a range of options for you to choose from which will make the server more accessible to your desired location.
BlockNet hosts from high-end VPS nodes, and deploys across multiple locations to help further distribute shared nodes. This distribution ensures that extremely large DDoS attacks on servers has minimal impact on the client-base as a whole.

Powerful performance
Tests have proven that Blockland executes code significantly faster on Debian than it does on equivalent Windows-based systems. All nodes are deployed with more resources than should be needed, this ensures that spikes of activity won't have any negative effects across the node.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is the control interface like?
The BlockNet control panel is accessed through an SSH client. This means that the control panel looks a lot like the console that is shown on normal dedicated servers, except that SSH clients provide a lot of useful features that make them much more helpful than the standard dedicated server console.
Can I change the name on a BlockNet key I get for my server?
Yes, simply send a support email with the desired name and it will be updated. As much as I would have loved to simply make a control panel option to change the name, there doesn't appear to actually be a way to do it outside of the Blockland game client.
Is there a support system?
Yes, support is provided via email. Free support will help you resolve any issues pertaining to the control panel or the service in general. Anything that should reasonably be our problem will be covered through free support. This includes questions about how to use the panel, questions about your node, questions about billing/payments, and troubleshooting if you have an issue with using the control panel or FTP.
What are management support tickets?
Free support will cover any reasonable questions or issues that are not directly related to the way you decide to manage your server. These tickets are not in any way meant to mean that you 'pay for support', since anything that should reasonably be our own issue will be completely covered through free support. Management support tickets are paid requests which allow you to get additional support with your server that is beyond what normal support covers. You can ask for advice on how to set up your new gamemode on the server, you can ask us to figure out what mod is causing your server to crash, or you can even ask us to script something for your server. The management support ticket will dedicate up to 30 minutes on attempting to solve your problem or complete the task. Management support has a flat rate of $2 per ticket.
What is the return/refund policy on servers?
If you are unsatisfied with your server for any reason within the first three days, you may request a full refund with cancellation of service by contacting support. The setup fee for dedicated servers is non-refundable.

Packages and Pricing
High performance shared
These servers are hosted on extremely high-end nodes, and are guaranteed to have superb performance.
- Base: $7/month
- Rental key: $1/month

Dedicated high performance
The ultimate hosting solution. Remove the possibility of the bad-neighbour effect and get the peace of mind that comes from having a node all to yourself!
- Base: $15/month
- One-time setup fee: $5
- Rental key: $1/month

Gift code
Give the gift of hosting! Purchase a redeemable gift code that you can send to a friend so they can deploy a server.
- Rental key: +$1

Server list
Servers hosted on BlockNet are invited to be put on this list for no cost at all. Position in the list is 100% first-come-first-serve. Contact support if you wish to update information for your list entry.
Meta_KnightX's Speedkart X
Race cars on this customized Speedkart server.
Boss Battles
Boss Battles' server
Play as or against a player who takes on the powers of a video game boss.
us1 (High Performance Shared, New Jersey)

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